Getting started with Hacking and Pentesting

Hi, What do you think of the words Hacking, Hacker, Pentesting, Pentester? It’s pretty simple Hacking can be anything from unlocking a door of your bedroom to getting access to a computer, Pentesting is Network vulnerability analysis or finding the loopholes in a network and fixing it.

Types of Hackers

White Hat – White hat hackers are Good hackers or the one’s who work for a organization, They find loopholes in their system and fix it to prevent Black hat hackers from using it, They follow the law and are certified ethical hackers.

Black Hat – Black hat hackers are Bad hackers they are evil they want to see the world burn and make profit out of it, they don’t follow the law they’re lawbreakers and Remember single night of fame is not worth spending years behind the bars.

Grey Hat – Grey Hat hackers are in the middle of white hat and black hat they follow the law and sometimes break the law they usually hack into someone’s network or system and publish the loophole and warn them to fix it, remember grey hats can also land in jail.

Hacktivists – Hacktivists are the ones who fight for Justice through Cyber medium they hack into politicians accounts and government databases to reveal the true face of them they only fight for th good and public gains Remember famous groups like Anonymous.

So that’s it for today’s blog, leave a comment and I’ll start hacking tutorials in the next posts.